This is very free street version of Shakespears tragedy (very, very free... Sorry, Sir William!) with gags, jokes, scandal, dance, and fireworks from Comic-Trust. 

Absolutely mad Antony and Total Crazy Cleopatra.


Low-budget theater blockbuster "Spam for the Fuhrer" (an attempt to historical reconstruction).

“Spam for the Fuhrer" is a long-drawn-out advertisement interspersed with historical events. This is an ironic, clownish and dramatic performance about distant war that turned into a fierce computer shooter. The performance is about the informational echo that sounds today, about the Matrix Motherland and her relationship with sons, about small human stories in the era of endless Great Victories ... Let's try to laugh, to understand our past, present and future.

Second Hand

This show for three clowns is a comic drama which explorers a world at once terrifying and beautiful, absurd and tender. The story, a series of sketches, is championed by the self-doubting terrorist (Natalia Fisson), the mad academic telepath (Nikolai Kytchev) and the frenetic modern jester (Igor Sladkevich). These three friends weave their way through a senseless, impoverished world with dignity and humor, resulting in an escapade that is both hilarious and poignant. They quarrel, then make up, dance, sing, show tricks, fall in love, train irons, tell their funny and sad stories without any words. 
   It’s very difficult to define the genre of the performance: it’s sort of parody where actors laugh at our life. 
   All the spectators laugh and forget about their age, nationality and crisis. 



“Adrenaline” is a project for presentations stimulating the promotion of goods and companies. It is a well-directed and memorable scandal show, a mixture of Russian “pulling somebody’s leg” and American happening, produced for presentations, jubilees, press-conferences, anniversaries, some special events, etc. This show changes the formal and official atmosphere of the meeting into a bright, joyful and pleasant event. In reality, it is indirect advertizing for the managing company. All the details of the future show are taken into consideration, i.e. the number of participants, the affordable space, the aim of the presentation, the characteristic features of the audience, etc. You will enjoy funny jokes, different tricks and fantastic action! The spectators will become active partners with the actors. The word “Adrenalin” speaks for itself! The same ideas and approaches were used in Germany in Clown Theatre “Pomp Duck and Circumstance” (one of the most expensive shows in Europe providing its guests with the night of provocations, practical jokes and other fun).