White Side Story


virtual chronicles


St. Petersburg's Comic-Trust, Russia's leading theatre comedy group, leaves audiences howling and mesmerized with their latest show. It's the tale of a mystical medieval 'White Kingdom', caught in a power struggle between the heartless White Queen and her daughter. Three white clowns reveal the folly of the Queen's passion for power, with buffoonery, hysterical antics and laughs throughout, culminating in an interactive finale. Told in dance, mime and music, WHITE SIDE STORY brings smiles and laughter to the faces of both children and adults.

      If you ask what it is about, you will hardly get an unambiguous answer. A seven-year-old boy fond of computer games will say this, his mother will say that and that bearded man from the fifth row will say the other. WHITE SIDE STORY is what all of us were waiting for for such a long time. It contains the past, the present and the future expressed in the language of modern crazy movement to the music of “Dead can dance”. The creators of the performance (the director is Vadim Fisson, actors are Natalia Fisson, Igor Sladkevich, Ilia Staroselskii) define the genre as fantasy or virtual chronicles. However, it is only after taking part in the performance that you can understand where its humor, philosophy and charm lie.

      "There are many beautiful stories to tell but we are going to tell you the story of a white kingdom its white Queens. Imagine, if you will, an imaginary history in a time of endless raining bubbles.

The History of the White Kingdom is one of intrigue and poison, of brave heroes and cunning nobles, of power and… lonliness. Enter at your own risk. If you dare, take your trusted sword in hand and hit “ENTER” on your keyboard to find yourself in “WHITE SIDE STORY”.

Duration:  version with intermission - 165 min, without intermission - 90 min