Five о'clock

It’s a magical time to drink tea when everything freezes: birds fall to the ground, buses stop, ships on the Thames, reception stops at Buckingham Palace and good old England calms down over a cup of tea in dank fogs. File-o-clock is our Russian view of English traditions. What we think of them and what they think of us. This is a mixture of sparkling and subtle English humor based on its best representatives: Fry and Laurie, Monty Python, Benny Hill, Mr. Bean and many other English comedians. You will meet with the jester, Queen, slum dwellers, lords, butlers, ghosts and other characters, both living and long forgotten and fictional. Under the Big Ben we will plunge into the most unbridled fantasies, with music, dances, couplets, pantomime, sketches, clowning, etc. and others. By the forces of two actors and with their characteristic touch of their charm. The Five-o-Clock show allows guests of different professions from politicians to plumbers, kings and psychotherapists. Each show will be interactive, capable of changing depending on the level of perception of humor and mood.

Duration: 75 min without intermission