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1991  The "Comic-Trust" Theater Company was founded by director Vadim Fisson as an independent collective. In St.Petersburg premiers "Nonsens in Tails" the first production of theatre. The first tour - Sedlicy Theatre Festival, Poland.

1992   Comic Trust actors became prize-winners of “Imagination Celebration” theatre festival in Colorado Springs ( USA ) and honorary citizens of this American city. In the variety competition “Under the Roofs of St.Petersburg” they got prizes as the best young actors and the best director. At the festival of the St.Petersburg theatre-studios the company received the awards “For the Most Optimistic Performance”.  Actress Nataliya Fisson was awarded the title “The Brightest Actress of the Festival”. The first production of the theatre “Nonsense in tails” is named by critics as the best production of the 1992 season.

1993 The first tour in Germany (“Chameleon”-Berlin,”Schmits”-Hamburg). The tour in Switzerland (“De la Grenette”- Vevey). The prize for “The Most Eccentric Performance” was awarded to the company at the Ukrainian International Festival “Beresil-93 “. At the International Festival of the Baltic countries actress Nataliya Fisson got the prize “For the Best Role”.

1994 Further performances at the “Chameleon” (Berlin), “Nonsens in Tails” performs to exceptional reviews at the “La Grenette” Theatre in Vevey and at the “Theatre de l'Echandole" in Yverdone, Switzerland.

1994-1996 Vadim and Nataliya Fisson worked in Germany, in one of the best shows in Europe “Pomp Duck and Circumstance” as a director and actress. They performed in Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin and other cities.