The Natalia Fisson's workshop of clownery and pantomime 

The Natalia Fisson's workshop of clowneryand pantomime is based on Comic-Trust.

Goals and objectives:

Choreographic, acting, clownery education for professionals and amateurs.


The program is designed for 2 stages:

1. Preparatory two-day master class - training;

2. Annual course of the Laboratory.

Master class - training is an independent basic course and a transitional stage for admission to the course at the Laboratory of the Comic-Trust Theater of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Natalia Vladimirovna Fisson.

During a two-day study and familiarization with the profession of an actor of the plastic genre and clowning, the masters of the course will reveal the physical data and creative abilities of the participants in the master class.

The training involves the formation of initial skills in clowning, acting, directing, as well as identifying a predisposition to the profession of an artist of the plastic genre, acquaintance with the teachers of the Laboratory and, in general, with the work of the theater.

The annual course of the Natalia Fisson's Laboratory includes a deep immersion in the profession, work on sketches, and ensures the integrity of understanding of the historical and modern directions of the genre.

The skills acquired in the Laboratory will allow you to work in the profession of clowning yourself, direct your performances at the level of masters of the plastic genre.

By the end of the training and the outcome of the course, a performance is planned to be produced, the quality of which will determine it in the permanent repertoire of the theater.

The best graduates will be awarded a permanent place in the troupe of the Comic-Trust Theater and participation in national and international tours and festivals.


1. The basics of the plastic genre and clowning;

2. Fundamentals of directing and self-directing;

3. Technique of owning voice registers and speech of a clown (mastering the “bird language”).


(acting and self-directing clowning)

Artistic Director of the Comic-Trust Theater Company. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Theater and movie actress, TV presenter.

A recognized master of the plastic genre and clownery.




(acting and self-directing clowningacting and self-directing clowning)

Theater and movie actor. Leading artist of the Comic-Trust .

Composer and author of lyrics. Winner of the Golden Clown prize at the International Clown Festival (Moscow).

Laureate of the Prize of the Government of St. Petersburg in the field of "Literature and Art" and the prize of the festival "Master Class".






Theater and movie actor. Leading artist of the Comic-Trust.

Laureate of the Festival "Palaces of St. Petersburg for Children" and the Festival "Theaters of St. Petersburg for Children".





(Clown Voice and Speech Techniques)

Director of the Comic-Trust Theater Company.

Director of theater and cinema.

Teacher of rhetoric and oratory.

Teacher of speech and vocal voice, a certified master of the technique of disclosing a natural voice.


(the basics of directing)

Associate Professor at the Department of Drama and Mastery of the Actor of the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts.

Director of theater and cinema. Candidate of pedagogical sciences.