Dangerous liaisons.


The performance of Yana Tumina “Dangerous liaisons. Postscriptum" is an afterword, the final part of the acclaimed novel by  Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. It is executed in a gloomy Gothic-clown style, corresponding to the ironic absurdism of what is happening.

This is the mystical story of an old woman who has lost her mind - a forgotten, lonely woman who used to be in the center of the intrigues of Paris. And what is surprising, her soul does not repent, and her sick imagination creates her rebellious world from the plasticity of her body, broken space and engineering of objects. It is inhabited by: either the spirit of Valmont, or the servants, but rather a kind of disfigured soul or entity, gathering together all the cogs and gears of the mechanism of intrigue and temptation. Clinging to letters from a past life, her semi-immaterial unsteady form of consciousness is trying to figure out the interweaving of events. She presses them to her with a crazy obsession, tormented for them, and at the same time, not wanting to part with them. The demon sweeps the letters like garbage, stirring up the epistolary spittle of her soul. He, like Mephistopheles, guides her through her memories, confusing this madness and playing on her low feelings just as she did, laying out her love solitaire of life. The giftedness of the heroine is the talent of the intriguer stronger than her repentance. And these are Dangerous liaisons.

Duration: 75 min without intermission