Stupid Bullet

the only clown performance about the Second World War!


The main character of the performance is Granny Pelageya, who suddenly finds herself embroiled in an information war. The universal evil, embodied in the image of Global Glitch, a kind of virtual Sauron, leads the world to the apocalypse by releasing Bullet-fool into the media space.

What are the goals of the supreme villain, why at the beginning of his operation penguins began to migrate en masse and where is the mysterious place called Media Mass - even the mighty Motherland-Matrix doesn't know. The answer to these questions will be found out by the partisan Pelage, who has come to grips with virtual evil.

This performance of the Comic-Trust Theater, one of the oldest independent theaters in St. Petersburg, is an ironic variation on the theme of the information war.

The format of the absurd tale chosen by the directors of the play, Sergei Razhuk and Vadim Fisson, allows us to take a fresh look at global problems - therefore, performance can be perceived as a kind of vaccine against mass paranoia.