Second Hand


The premiere of the performance “Second Hand” took place in January, 1997 (director - Vadim Fisson, designer - Boris Petrushansky). 

   This show for three clowns is a comic drama which explorers a world at once terrifying and beautiful, absurd and tender. The story, a series of sketches, is championed by the self-doubting terrorist (Natalia Fisson), the mad academic telepath (Nikolai Kytchev) and the frenetic modern jester (Igor Sladkevich). These three friends weave their way through a senseless, impoverished world with dignity and humor, resulting in an escapade that is both hilarious and poignant. They quarrel, then make up, dance, sing, show tricks, fall in love, train irons, tell their funny and sad stories without any words. 

   It’s very difficult to define the genre of the performance: it’s sort of parody where actors laugh at our life. 
   All the spectators laugh and forget about their age, nationality and crisis.