Snail Mail Show

interactive site-specific walking act for 3 gigantic snails, 

designed by the creator of the legendary SNOWSHOW

A bizarre expedition from a Snail wonderland appears in the city. Surprising and attractive creatures explore the streets and surroundings. They establish a non-verbal dialogue with the audience, create new stories of interaction and find their own ways of cooperation with reality. They crawl, dance, play a game and invite everyone to join.
These cute and charming clams would fit everywhere – a grand parade or a carnival, tiny streets of the old city center, park lanes, shopping malls, libraries, etc. They can appear at the opening event or a presentation.
Here come also The Snails Conductors to take care of the Snails and the audience. They are very serious, but can also gently help to organize the space for the Snail Race, as well as to find a moment for a game and funny sketches.
Absolute excellence of acting, outstanding improvisation, clowning and other theatrical methods combined with crafted costumes, would definitely fascinate the audience of all ages.
Duration: 20 – 50 min.

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