Director, video effects: Vadim Fisson
Production designers: Tatyana Tarakanova, Andrei Melnik
Music director: Mikhail Ogorodov
Choreography: Svetlana Vakulenko, Alexander Lyubashin
Actors: Natalia Fisson, Igor Sladkevich, Nikolay Kychev, Tatyana Filatova

Looking at serious things through a magnifying glass of laughter and comic is always tempting. This is an ironic, clownish and dramatic performance about a distant war that turned into a raging 3D-shouter. The performance is about the informational echo that sounds today, about the Matrix Motherland and her relationship with sons, about life in the era of the endless Great Victories ... It is anti-war, anti-glamorous and anti-global. Spam for the Führer is a long-drawn-out advertisement interspersed with historical events. We combine the traditions of theater, cinema and new information technologies (computer animation, live broadcasts from the auditorium, and other multimedia tools).

During the performance you will learn: the PIN-code of the Fuhrer’s mobile phone and how the reboot of the people’s anger takes place. You will see where the penguins go and how Motherland became a loner. You will become a participant in the first theatrical SMS voting and witness the pasting of the 25th frame. You will understand: one in the information field is not a warrior, but PR in Russia is more than PR!


Thanks to the Central Archive of the Russian Ministry
of Defence - because they did not let us in;

Attention! Right
the side of the hall is the most dangerous!

The video image is digitized
Rospotrebsoyuz accounting accounts,
sample 1936