Director: Maria Kritskaya-Netsvetaeva

Actors: Natalia Fisson, Ilya Staroselsky, Igor Sladkevich, Dmitry Shagin, Oleg Garkusha, Andrey Urgant

Comic-Trust Theatre Company presents the first performance in Russia about alcohol dependence and getting rid of it.


A unique project combines the methods of documentary theater and clowning. The real stories of people with experience of alcohol addiction, told by them in the first person, are accompanied in the performance by the methods of the physical theater, mimance and pantomime. Famous Petersburgers: actor Andrei Urgant, artist Dmitry Shagin and musician Oleg Garkusha will talk about their experience in fighting alcoholism.

The purpose of the performance is to give the floor to people who have suffered from this terrible disease and have recovered from it. Let them speak out and thereby support them, and give the audience a unique experience of ownership, which is almost impossible in a traditional drama theater. The performance will be attended by actor Andrei Urgant, artist Dmitry Shagin and musician Oleg Garkusha. The format of the documentary performance will allow them to tell the stories of their dependence, and how they were able to defeat it. The authors of the performance want to declare the scale of this problem and that not only poor and unfortunate, but quite successful people can become the victims of this addiction.

The actors of the Comic-Trust  will show the audience the world of our ideas and stereotypes about alcohol: drinking at a wedding, a sip of champagne on a first date to relieve stress, the tradition of “washing the legs”, alcohol delirium and much more.