creator of Comic-Trust, director

After graduation from the actor’s department of the Leningrad Theatre Institute he used to wake up at night shouting at the top of his voice: ”I don’t believe you!” (the world-famous words of K.S. Stanislavsky, theatre director). Following the advice of his psychiatrist Vadim Fisson took the course of drama production. But strange as it is all the performances directed by Fisson had nothing to do with dramatic art. In 1991 he became head, producer and art director of the theatre company “Comic Trust”. In the same year Fisson staged the performance “Nonsense in Tails”voted the best of the season. At the variety competition “Under the Roofs of St.Petersburg” he was awarded the prize as the best theatre director. In 1994-1996 he was working in Germany as director of the theatre “Pomp Duck and Circumstance”. Together with Pierre Bilan he took part in the production of the Berlin Show. At the end of 1996 in St.Petersburg he organized “Theatre Laboratory of the Rehabilitation of Clowns”. The result of this activity was the performance “Second Hand” and then all the other productions of “Comic-Trust”.